Portable aroma diffusers

Bring your favorite essential oils when you travel is certainly one of the best treat you can do to yourselves.


But, how to diffuse them? Will I find a socket to plug my diffuser? Do not I risk to break it? ...


No worries, there are solutions for aormaphanitic travellers.


A great introduction to diffusion

Fane diffusers

Small, efficient, robust, Miniliai si the solution if you want to start with aroma diffusion.


You can use it on a desk, in a small room like a bedroom or on a night table.


By the way, it is a wonderful diffuser to bring with you where ever you go to diffuse your beloved essential oils and feel at home even if you are not. 

Wooden diffuser

Passive diffusers or aromatic oils

No diffuser can be easier to use and travel with.


A few drops on the Wooden diffuser and let the beautiful perfume of essential oils diffuse in your new room.


It finds perfectly its place on a night table. No water requiere, no batteries, no cable, you will love to have you where ever you go!