Aroma diffusers articles

How do ultrasonic diffsers work? How do you use them?
Aroma diffusers articles · 21. September 2021
All that you need to know about ultrasonic diffusers.

Gentle aroma diffusers - diffusing essential oils with care
Aroma diffusers articles · 04. May 2021
All that you need to know about gentle diffusers, like candle diffusers, low heat diffusers, or spray.

Passive aroma diffusers : a simple solution
Aroma diffusers articles · 08. April 2021
All what you need to know about passive aroma diffusers like necklaces or wooden diffusers.

Are all essential oils suitable for diffusion ?
Aroma diffusers articles · 24. March 2021
All essential oils are perfumed, but there are not all suitable for diffusion. Find in this article the ones you need which are, the ones that should be blended, and the ones that should not be diffuse.

Why diffuse essential oils?
Aroma diffusers articles · 09. March 2021
Diffusion of essential oil is certainly the most common way to use them. But why ? This article gives answers to this question.