Aroma diffuser cleaners

Welcome to the ultimate solution for keeping your aroma diffuser working perfectly.


With specially formulated diffuser cleaners depending the kind og diffusers you use, you can easily remove built-up residue and/or keep your diffuser functioning at its best.


There are two different aroma diffusers, 

  • one for ultrasonic device (using water)
  • one for nebulization system (without water) 

Ultrasonic diffuser cleaner

Diffuser by nebulization cleaner

Diffuser by nebulization cleaner (waterless diffuser)

The cleaner liquid is the perfect solution to clean aroma diffuser by nebulization (the waterless diffusers).


The recyclable amber glass bottle contains 30 ml of cleaner.

For precise use, the bottle is equipped with a dropper.


You will be able to clean your diffuser at least 30 times because you can reuse the cleaning liquid after using. You just have to pour it back in the bottle and use it again and again.


Find more information about this cleaner here.


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Nebulization diffuser cleaner 30 ml

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