Essential oils from Madagascar

This island of the Indian Ocean is a kind of paradise on earth about aromatic plants and naturally about the production of essential oils.


The oils here are coming from a farm producing amazing organic essential oils. The owner of the farm is a great name in the aromatherapy world in France. His passion and experience allow Après-You to propose very high-end quality oils. Certainly the best in Denmark.


Ravintsara is the one you need in winter time. If you do not know this oil, read the article about it here. Once you have tried it , you cannot live without it.


Ylang-Ylang is Totum, it means the distilation process has been done completely. The quality of this oil is amazing and its perfume so complex. In sensual massage diluted in vegetable oil, you will love it.


Organic essential oil Ravintsara

Colds & flus cannot resist.

Supports immune system

Eucalyptus, green, camphor

Tea tree

Organic essential oil of Tea tree

Hard on pimples.


Herbaceous, green, leathery


Organic essential oil of Ylang-ylang Totum

E-sensual flower.

Libido booster, calming

 Rich, sweet, floral 

Geranium Bourbon

Organic essential oil of Geranium Bourbon

 Smell good in your skin.

Insect repellant

Sweet, floral

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