Aroma tools

This page is dedicated aroma tools. These are calculators handmade by Après-You to help you in your usage of essential oils. The goals of these tools are to be:

  1. simple to use, you only have to inform two parameters
  2. efficient, the result is staight and you do not need to send you email to get the answer

So far, there are four different tools.

  • A dilution calculator to know hoa many drops you need to add to get a specific dilution rate
  • A reverse dilution calculator to know how much is the dilution rate of a recipe that you find on the internet.
  • A tool to help you to find the best aroma diffuser for your usage.
  • A simple Selector of Essential Oils to give you ideas of the oils you can use regarding the note and the effect researched.

Use them and tell me what you think about them.

There is nothing better than you comments to upgarde this applications.

Blending Calculator

Blending factor calculato for essential oils

How many drops of one essential should I add in a blend to get a good aromatic blend? That is the purpose of this calculator.


Dilution Calculator

How many drops of EO do you need?
Photo by Elsa Olofsson from Unsplash,com

Find an easy to use calculator to know how many drops of essential oils you need regarding a volume to prepare and a percentage of dilution.


Aroma Diffuser Selector

Which aroma diffuser to chose regrading your need
Photo from Eva Elijas from

Which aroma diffuser do you need?

Two questions to be guide to the type of aromatic diffuser that suits you best.

Try the selector, it is free and simple to use.

Essential Oils Selector

Link to Essential Oils Selector


This selector helps you to find which oil(s) is/are recommended regarding a note and an effect selected.

Simple, easy and efficient.

Reverse Dilution Calculator

Calculate the dilution rate from the total to produce and the number of drops of the recipe
Photo by Elsa Olofsson from Unsplash,com

You have the total volume of your blend and the number of drops of EO for this mixture.

The calculator gives you the dilution rate of your blend:)