High-quality organic essential oils range

Lavender (true) / Lavender

Organic essential oil True Lavender

 This is the one.

 Calming, anti depressant

Fresh, floral, herbaceous


Organic essential oil Ravintsara

Colds & flus cannot resist.

Supports immune system

Eucalyptus, green, camphor

Tea tree

Organic essential oil of Tea tree

Hard on pimples.


Herbaceous, green, leathery


Organic essential oil Bergamot

Relax, relax .

Calming, antibacterial

Sweet, lemony

Black spruce / Gran

Organic essential oil Black spruce

 Need a boost?

General tonic

Sweet pine-like, balsamic

Cedarwood / Cedertræ

Organic essential oil Cedarwood

For a massage.


Wood, warm, balsamic, dry

Cassia (Cinnamon) /  Kanel

Organic essential oil Cinnamon

A taste of Christmas.

Stimulant, invigorating

Warm, sweet, spicy

Cardamom / Kardemomme

Essential oil of Cardamom

If you like Ginger, you will love it

Fight motion sickness

Spicy, powerful

Chamomille / Kamille

Organic essential oil of Chamomille

 Sweet dreams ahead.

Calming, antispamodic

Sweet, fruit, warm

Citronella / Citronelle (Java)

Organic essential oil Citronella Java

Mosquito repellant.

Anti inflammatory

Lemony, fresh, pungent 


Organic essential oil Cypress

Eases swollen feet.


Fresh, green, herbaceous

Eucalyptus/Eukalyptus Radiata

Organic essential oil Eucalyptus radiata

 Fresh and minty.

Antiviral, antibacterial 

Fresh, clean, sharp, light


Organic essential oil Frankincense

A peaceful moment.


Warm, spicy, clean, balsamic

Geranium Bourbon

Organic essential oil of Geranium Bourbon

 Smell good in your skin.

Insect repellant

Sweet, floral

Geranium rosat

Organic essential oil Geranium rosa

 Smell good in your skin.

Insect repellant

Sweet, floral 

Ginger / Ingefær

Organic essential oil of Ginger

Spice of life.


Warm, spicy, earthy, sweet 

Grapefruit / Grapefrugt

Organic essential oil Grapefruit

A taste of paradis.

 Antiseptic, Sanitizer

 Fresh, tangy, clean

Green tangerine / Grøn mandarin

Organic essential oil tangerine

Friend of sweet dreams.

Calming, sedative

Tangy, fresh, sweet

Laurel / Laurbærblad

Organic essential oil Laurel

Feel like a champion.

Anti fungal

Bright, spicy, deep

Lemon/ Citron

Organic essential oil Lemon

Clean and fresh.

 Antibacterial, fights nausea

 Clean, fresh, citrus, bright

Lemon Eucalyptus / Citroneucalyptus

Organic essential oil Lemon eucalyptus

Help joints feel better.

Fights ticks, mites and insects

Lemony, buttery  

Lemon myrtle / Citronmyrtle

Organic essential oil Lemon myrtle

A deeper lemon sent.

Calming, sedative

Lemon, sweet, fresh

Lemongrass / Citrongræs

Organic essential oil Lemongrass

 Feel better.

Deodorizing an repellant

Lemony, sharp, herbaceous


Be calm.

Diffuse to stay calm



Organic essential oil Niaouli

When winter is coming.

Antibacterial, antiviral

Sweet, fresh, camphor


Organic essential oil Palmarosa

 Smell better.


Sweet, flora, rosy


Organic essential oil Patchouli

 Stay grounded.


Rich, woody, musky, earthy

Peppermint / Pebermynte

Organic essential oil Peppermint

Pure freshness.

Pain killer, fights nausea

Minty, fresh, cold, herbaceous

Petitgrain Bigarade

Organic essential oil Petitgrain

Balances nerves.


Woody, herbaceous, citrus floral

Rosemary CT Cineole

Essential oil Raosemary Ct Cineol

Stay focus.

Expectorant, Mucolytic


Spike lavender

Organic essential oil Spike lavender

 When you have been bitten or stung.


Floral, Camphor

Sweet orange / Appelsin

Organic essential oil Sweet orange

Well-being & relaxation.


Orange, sweet

Thyme CT Linalol / Timian

Essential oil Thyme CT Linalol

Scent of South of France.


Fresh, aromatic

Vetiver / Græsrod

Organic essential oil Vetiver

Keep calm.

Calming, bug repellant

Earth, root. rich 

Wintergeen / Vintergrøn

Organic essential oil Wintergreen

After sports.

Topical pain killer

Minty, sport


Organic essential oil of Ylang-ylang Totum

E-sensual flower.

Libido booster, calming

 Rich, sweet, floral 

,Après-You has more than 25 different high-quality essential oils in stock. All of them are certified organic.


Après-You imports essential oils from:

> La Compagnie des Sens.

> Pierre Franchomme Laboratoire

> Essenciagua

These comapnies are at the top of their game with amazing quality produstes.


Après-You also imports essential oils directly from producers.

> Part of Après-You's mission is to promote the producers of amazing products. Après-You specialy works with a farmer distiler from Madagascar. Its oils are amazing. There certainly the best essential oils of Ravintsara, Ylang-ylang, Niaouli, Tea tree, Geranium bourbon, Ginger... available here in Denmark.


FAQ about essential oils sold by Après-You

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