Waterless aroma diffusers

You do not want to bring more humidity into your home but you want all the benefits of aroma diffusion.


You can use a diffuser by

  1. nebulization,
  2. or a passive diffuser.

Diffuser by nebulisation

Essential oils diffusers by nebulisation

The first solution creates a cloud of aromatic droplets that feels the room.


The system is the purest and most efficient device to diffuse essential oil.

It also is the most powerful way to spread aromatic oils in the large rooms of your home.


These diffusers are coming in several colors. 

Passice diffuser, Wooden diffuser

Passive diffusers or aromatic oils

The simplest way to diffuse aromatic oils.


A few drops on the Wooden diffuser and let them spread them around it.


It is a great solution to use: 

  • in a small room like a bathroom, entry,
  • on a night table,
  • on you desk while you work,
  • It also could be you best buddy when you travel and when to spread your favorite essential oils.