Best sellers essential oils

Are you looking for essential oils?

But, you do not know which one.


Here is the top nine oils the most sold by Après-You.

This list can give you an good idea with which oils you can start.

Lavender (true) / Lavende

Organic essential oil True Lavender

 This is the one.

 Calming, anti depressant

Fresh, floral, herbaceous

Eucalyptus/Eukalyptus (Radiata)

Organic essential oil Eucalyptus radiata

 Fresh and minty.

Antiviral, antibacterial 

Fresh, clean, sharp, light

Lemon / Citron

Organic essential oil Lemon

Clean and fresh.

 Antibacterial, fights nausea

 Clean, fresh, citrus, bright


Organic essential oil Ravintsara

Colds & flus cannot resist.

Supports immune system

Eucalyptus, green, camphor

Geranium bourbon

Organic essential oil Geranium bourbon

 Smell good in your skin.

Insect repellant

Sweet, floral 


Organic essential oil Patchouli

 Stay grounded.


Rich, woody, musky, earthy

Tea tree

Organic essential oil of Tea tree

Hard on pimples.


Herbaceous, green, leathery

Lemongrass / Citrongræs

Organic essential oil Lemongrass

 Feel better.

Deodorizing an repellant

Lemony, sharp, herbaceous

Peppermint / Pebermynte

Organic essential oil Peppermint

Pure freshness.

Pain killer, fights nausea

Minty, fresh, cold, herbaceous