Aroma diffusers with water, ultrasonic systems

Also calles ultrasonic or brumisater, these diffusers are perfect if you want to humidify its room.


Après-You has written an article about this diffusers here.


Après-You has sellected several aroma diffusers using water to spread aroma oils.


With they their own specific caracteristics, you will surely find you diffuser.


Diffuser for your bedroom

Aroma diffuser for the bedroom

You can control the intensity of diffusion and light.

Lisalia is a great diffuser to combine aromatherapy and luminosity in your bedroom.


The diffuser comes in three different designs of glassware.

Beautiful diffuser for your living room

Essential oils diffusers with ligts for your living room

Omelia is a beautiful aroma diffuser that fits every living room.


Its glassware diffuses a smooth light that creates a nice touch of comfort in your living room.


Its ultrasonic system is also efficient to spread essential oils all around a room to create a wonderful atmosphere. 

Aroma diffusion in music

Essential oils diffusers and music

Connect the diffuser with Bluetooth to your smartphone and play the playlist you like for your meditation, your yoga session, or when you work.


Musilia is a great diffuser that you can easily use and enjoy at home to associate pleasure for the hears and nose.

Aroma diffusion for your office

Ultrasonic diffusers

Quiet and efficient Audeilia finds its place in your office when you work.


With a simple touch of your finger on the device you can choose the color of the lights.


You will love it to create a peaceful atmosphere at work.

The best solution to start with aroma diffusion

Fane diffusers

Do you look for an aroma diffuser, simple and efficient to start with?


Minilia is the perfect solution!


Small, powerful and robust, it is a great present for you or for a friend.


With its conception made of plastic ABS, plus its small size, you can bring it everywhere you want when you travel and diffuse your favorite essential oils.