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Winter blending 2022
Essential oils articles · 08. December 2022
A long year like 2022 requires approaching the holidays from a new angle. Rather than trotting out the traditional scents of ginger and cinnamon, why not try something different instead?

Blending Factor Calculators
Essential oils articles · 01. November 2022
Do you blend essential oils? Do you know the Blending Factor approach? Après-You has created great tools to help you to balance your blends quickly and simply. They are two versions of Blending calculators.

Essential oils articles · 08. September 2022
Wintergreen essential oil is commonly used for massage. Do you know that a large part of the oil is composed of one molecule? If you already have this oil at home it is possible that its composition is not 100% natural. This article shares information to be better users.

Essential-Essential oils against aphids
Essential oils articles · 20. June 2022
How to fight against aphids with essential oils. My experience and my recipe with two oils.

True Lavender Essential Oil
Essential oils articles · 11. March 2022
If there is only one oil to have with you, it would be this one. With amazing properties and easy to use, True Lavender is the queen of oils. Let's discover more about this purple-flowers-oil.

Essential Patchouli
Essential oils articles · 09. March 2022
The essential to know about essential oil and the plant of Patchouli in English

Perfect blends with essential oils to start with
Essential oils articles · 13. February 2022
Mixing essential oils together creates very interesting synergies to help use daily. This article is about simple and easy blends with information about them.

Essential Vetiver
Essential oils articles · 06. February 2022
The essential to know about essential oil and the plant of Vetiver in English

How many drops of essential oils per ml?
Essential oils articles · 13. February 2021
You find tons of articles on the Internet with essential oils. Most of them give a number of drops of oil to add. It is very convenient because normally bottles of aromatic oils have droppers. But, wait for a second! How many drops of essential oils do you need to get 1 ml? That is exactly the theme of this article.

A recipe with essential oils for facemasks
Essential oils articles · 08. December 2020
How essential oils can help us to better support facemasks, especially when we have to wear them for long hours per day.

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