Aroma diffusers range

This page is dedicated to the complete range of diffusers of essential oils.


There are all the models that Après-You has soucred for you.


You can also find dedicated pages for aroma diffusers using water (ultrasonic systems or brumisaters)

You surely can find the right device for your usage. If you are not sure, you still can try the aroma diffuser selector further down.


You can also find solutions to upkeep your device here.


Down the page very is a smal section about the main reasons why diffusion is a good practice with essential oils.


PS There also is a FAQ section at the end of the page:)


The full range of aroma diffusers

Best solution for large space

Essential oils diffusers by nebulisation

For a more professional diffusion into large areas, nebulizers are the best of the best

Diffusion in your office

Ultrasonic diffusers

Diffuse and humidify an interior space, go with an ultrasonic system

Aroma diffusion in music

Essential oils diffusers and music

Yoga, music, or podcasts, while you diffuse your favorite essential oils. The best of the two words in one diffuser.

A great introdutcion to diffusion

Fane diffusers

Minilia is the perfect solution to start with diffusion. It also is a perfect solution if you want to travel.

Diffuser for your bedroom

Aroma diffuser for the bedroom

Lisalia is  the best solution to combine aromatherapy and luminotherapy to help you fall asleep.

Beautiful diffuser for your living room

Essential oils diffusers with ligts for your living room

Yoga, music, podcasts, while you diffuse your favorite essential oils. The best of the two words in one diffuser.

For small room, on a desk or a night table

Passive diffusers or aromatic oils

To perfume a small room, passive diffusers offer an elegant solution

Aroma diffuser selector

When you look for an aroam diffuser, it is sometimes difficult to find the right model among all the solutions available.


Après-You has created a selector to help you find the right model for your needs.


You just need to choose between "Yes" and "No", depending the different characteristies and the selector tell you which aorma diffuser would be the best choice for you.


If you do not get the right solution, you can also chek a bit down a table that can also help you.


Aroma Diffuser Selector

How to use the Aroma DIffuser Selector

It is very easy!


You just need to select "yes" or "no" at every lign.


Than the selector tells you which aroma diffuser is the most adapted to your needs.


If no diffuser matches your needs, you can change you settings or check the next table to help you in your choice. 


Table of choice for aroam diffusers

Aroma diffuser Using water For a large space

Best solution for my living room

Performance  in my bedroom To use close to me or in a small room

Portable solution (cableless)

Able to connect

with my smartphone


yes  yes yes


Lisalia yes     yes       
Minilia yes      yes  yes  yes   
Musilia yes      yes  yes    yes 
Omelia yes    yes  yes       
Ona   yes yes  yes       
Wooden diffuser         yes  yes  

Why diffusing essential oils?

By and large, diffusion is one of the best ways to use essential oils.


Why, you ask?

The answer is beatiful in its simplicity. The chemical molecules inside essential oils were specifically designed by nature to be diffused and 

  1. to fight e.g. disease or predators
  2. to flirt (for reproduction)
  3. to communicate (with the surrounding environment).

When plants are distilled, these molecules become concentrated into a potent powerhouse. Packed into small bottles, essential oils are excellent tools which we can use effectively to support our well-being all year round.


Great, but which kind of diffuser is the best one to use?

Well, it really depends on where and how you want to diffuse. Fortunately, there are different models, methods and technical parameters to suit all requirements.


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