Après-You has created a unique Blending Calculator that helps you to

  • balance quickly and
  • make your blends easily.

The calculator has been develop to be simple to use and gives the number of drops per essential oil you need to add to your mixture depending: 

  • the total volume you want
  • the dilution rate if it is a spray for example

The Blending Factor Calculator VEP version also gives you the volume of carrier if you mix EO with alcohol, vegetable oil...


Blending Calculator - VEP version

Try, blend and enjoy!


How to use the Blending Calculator?

1/ The first step is to tell the total volume of the blend you want to prepare.

Type the volume in ml expected to get.


2/ Then, give the dilution ratio expected.

If you just mix essential oils, let this ratio at 100%. Otherwise, inform the dilution rate for your spray for example.


3/ Not mandatory, the number of drops per ml.

As a rule, the calculator is set with 30 drops/ml. You can change these parameters if you think that it is more or less. 

(If you are asking "why 30" and not another number, you can read an article about this point here.)


4/ Last, choose the oils you want to balance.

You can add up to five essential oils. The oils are chosen from a list of 27 of the most common aromatic oils.


The calculator gives you the number of drops per EO to add to your mixture and to balance it.


If you choose a dilution ratio, the calculator also gives you the volume of carrier you need to add.


Et voilà! 


Can I rely on the calculators?

Yes, you can! :) Après-you has done tests, for which the calculators were extremely useful. These calculators are great and simple tools you can use as a foundation for your own mixtures.


Because essential oils are natural products, their odor can be more or less powerful depending on various factors (the brand, their origins, the distillation process, and the year of production…)


For this reason, the percentages or numbers of drops given are informative and may have to be adapted for you to obtain the desired result.


What do I do if the oil I would like to blend does not appear in the calculator?

If you use the Basic version, I recommend you to join the VEP group (it is free and it is here)  in order to see whether you can find the oil in the VEP version of the BF Calculator


If you already use the VEP version, please drop an email–Après-You is continually looking to update Après-You’s offerings and tools!


Can I use these calculators for free?

Yes:) But please be respectful! Après-You has spent a lot of time and effort creating these calculators. If you want to present or use these calculators outside of your private usage, please cite Après-You and include a link to Après-You’s website. Thank you:)



The calculator is a fantastic tool, but it has own limitations.


As you certainly know, essential oils can be slightly different from a producer to another or from one year to another. So their aromtic intensity. You also may have to adjust the proportion to cope with your sensibility.


Après-You cannot be held responsible for any effect of the blends created from this calculator. The calculators are tools and should only be used as a help in your aromatherapy journey.


Do not forget, essential oils are powerful natural products. In most cases, one need only use one’s common sense in making use of essential oils; do not apply in the eyes, ears, or other sensitive areas. Particular care should be taken with children, pregnant or nursing women, and people suffering from allergies or medical conditions.


In case of doubt or extreme practice (like ingestion, which Après-You does not recommend), it is good practice to speak with a medical practitioner or a professional aromatherapist before application.



If you have any questions or remarks about the pictures and credits, feel free to send an email to info@apres-you.com.