Aroma diffusers with lights

Why not play with different senses? Perfume and lights.


On the page, the aroma diffusers are not only spreading good scents in your home but also lights to enhance the experience.


Diffusion in your office

Ultrasonic diffusers

All the body of Audelia aroma diffuser is diffusing light.


You can choose the one you like the most and diffuse your favorite essential oils at the same time

Aroma diffusion in music

Essential oils diffusers and music

To accompagny your meditation, yoga sessions, or when you work, nothing is better than essential oils.


Imagine if you add to this pleasure the music by connecting your favorite playlist.


The must, Misilia also brings light wherever you are to create this total experience. 

Beautiful diffuser for your living room

Essential oils diffusers with ligts for your living room

A beautiful ultrasonic diffuser and very efficient for your living room.


The body glassware is mat and gently diffuser a soft light in your living room.


Omelia is the perfect aroma diffuser to create a sensual atmosphere while diffusing essential oils of your choice;) 

Diffuser for your bedroom

Aroma diffuser for the bedroom

Lisalia aroma diffuser, the ultimat solution to treat yourselve in yuor bedroom.


You can diffuse your selection of aroamtic oils to help you to fall asleep and or read you favorite author with the light of this diffuser. 

A great introduction to diffusion

Fane diffusers

Small, efficient, robust, and Miniliai si the solution if you want to start with aroma diffusion.


You can use it on a desk, in a small room like a bedroom, or on a night table.


By the way, it is a wonderful diffuser to bring with you where ever you go to diffuse your beloved essential oils and feel at home even if you are not.