Aroma Diffuser Selector

It is not always easy to find the correct model of diffuser of essential oils. SOme are with water som not. Some are for small space and some ar for big rooms...


Après-You proposes a free-to-use and unique selector that can help you find the right system of diffusion you are looking for.

How to use the selector

To use the selector, you just have to indicate:

  • if you want to use water or not to diffuse.
  • then the size of the room (approximatly in m2) where you will diffuse.

Et voilà!


The selector tells you the kind(s) of aroma diffuser for you.

The Aroma diffuser selector

Après-You's range of aroma diffusers

Aroma diffuser by nebulization

Ona aroma diffuser (Nebulisation system)

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser range

Gentle aroma diffuser

Passive aroma diffuser

Wooden aroma diffuser (Passive system)

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