Have you ever seen videos called " Where the hell is Matt?"

Matt is travelling the world to dance with people. Have a look it is a nice moment to spend on Youtube.


I am not Matt. I am not travelling the world (anymore).

But, I thought it would be nice to know "Where the oil is Après-You?" :)


What is going on at  Après-You, when and where?

Where to find Après-YOU?

Here you can find information about those events, fairs, and markets where Après-you will be represented as well as public presentations given by Après-You.


Après-You's stand

I used to have a table at the street market at Østerbro.


For personnal reasons, I had to change my organization and I cannot meet you there for the moment.


I plan to do it again because I loved the contact with you and to give you the opportunity to smell the oils before buying them.


See you soon!