Minilia, simple and efficient aroma diffuser

Minilia is simple to use and discreet which makes it the great solution to beginning your journey with essential oils diffusion.


More than diffusing, a subtle ring of light creates a peaceful atmosphere and you use the diffuser.


Minilia diffuser is quiet and is perfect to use during your yoga sessions for example.


It is a diffuser you can use in your home and let run for up to 8 hours. It will automatically stop.



In addition, you can travel with it. It is small and can find a place in your suitcase. It weighs 170g. It also is resistant. There are no pieces made out of glass. 


Minilia aromadiffuser ultrasonic

The perfect diffuser to start using essential oils!


Minilia essential oil diffuser is :

  • simple only one button to make it run
  • efficient in small rooms or at your desk
  • solid and small enough to travel with it


PS: Warranty and delivery, see down the page


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Minilia - aroma diffuser ultrasonic

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How to use Audelia aroma diffuser in video

Several ways to use Minilia diffuser

It is very easy how you can control your diffuser Minilia.


With one finger, you chose the program of diffusion. 

1st press: Continous diffusion with lights effects,
2nd pressContinous diffusion without lights effects,
3rd press: Intermittent diffusion with lights effects,
4th press: Mist and light turn off.

Control of Audelia aromadiffuser

Content of the kit Minilia

Maintenance of the brumisater Audelia


The diffuser is coming with a USB cable and an adapter (EU) to plug it in a socket.


1/ Top cover

2/ The base of the diffuser

3/ Activation button

4/ Max. water level

5/  Water tank

6/ Air outlet

7/ ventilation system

8/ DC 5V connector

9/ USB cable

How to take care of the aroma diffuser Minilia

Unplug the device before handling or maintenance. Make sure that it has been emptied of any liquid or 


substance for diffusion.

Use a damp cloth to clean the water tank.


It is recommended that this cleaning process be carried out after every 3rd use.


NB: Do not press too hard on the ceramic disc down inside the base (B). It is a fragile and vital element to crated the mist.



You also can use a specific cleaner especially developed for this kind of diffuser.


Ultrasonic diffuser cleaner

Technical features Audelia

- Diffuser by brumisation of essential oils

- Dimensions: diameter = 65 mm, height = 110 mm

- On/off button included on the underside of the product

- Water level detector and automatic switch-off when the level is low

- Power supply: Mains 110-240V 50/60 Hertz – EC STANDARD


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We just need to be in contact to confirm the order:)


We trust so much in the quality of our aroma diffusers quality that they are covered by a 5-years warranty.

The warranty is included. You do not need to buy an extra service.


It is not recommended to activate the diffuser in the presence of children aged under 3 years or pregnant women.

In a child's room, we recommend that you do so when they are not present and at least 30 minutes before they come in.

Start Essential-Kit 2021, True lavender, Bergamot and Cardamom

If you are looking for essential oils to start with this diffuser?

Après-You has sellected three of the best sellers oils 2021.

  • True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)
  • Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)

Floral, lemony and spicy oils, they are great to start with!


To know more about the StartEssential-Kit, it is here.