Wooden diffuser, to perfum small rooms

These diffusers are very simple to use and do not require water or batteries.

  • No water =  no risk or splling water on your keyboard.
  • No batteriesit works whenever and wherever you want it to.
  • Just wood = it is ecofriendly.

 Simply place a few drops of essential oil on top of the diffuser in the depressed area, and you can enjoy your favorite essential oil or oil blend.


Wood Diffuser Flower

Where can these wooden diffusers be used?

These diffusers find their place in small places or in close proximity to you for a more personal diffusion.


Use suggestions include at your desk, while you work, when you read, or when you exercise or meditate. These diffusers will be with you wherever and whenever you need them.

Flower Model Wooden Diffuser

A beautiful wooden flower diffuser can be used everywhere, as it requires neither batteries nor water. It is very easy to use, as you just need to pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend onto the depression and let the scent(s) diffuse.


NB Because they are natural products, the color of the diffusers can slightly differ from the pictures.


Diameter : 45 mm

Height : 20 mm

Weight : 15,44 g


Limited stock  

65,00 kr.

  • Available
  • -12 days delivery time1


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How to use wooden diffusers?

 It cannot be easier! 

  • A few drops on the diffuser, that's it!

Bring your diffuser wherever you want to get the benefits of your favorite essential oils or blends!

How to use Wood Diffuer Flower


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Start Essential-Kit

Start Essential-Kit 2021, True lavender, Bergamot and Cardamom

If you are looking for essential oils to start with this diffuser?

Après-You has sellected three of the best sellers oils 2021.

  • True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)
  • Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)

Floral, lemony and spicy oils, they are great to start with!


To know more about the StartEssential-Kit, it is here.


It is not recommended to activate the diffuser in the presence of children aged under 3 years or pregnant women.

In a child's room, we recommend that you do so when they are not present and at least 30 minutes before they come in.

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