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Perfume is nature’s way of communicating. Between plants and animals, scents are a very efficient way to warn others of attack, protect against predators, or seduce a desirable partner (you can read more about that here). For winter 2022-23, why not blending oils and diffuse them to create special atmospehe and focuses on breath, energy, and reflection.

1. Why this blend

2. The three oils used in the blend

3. Why these oils?

4. The composition of the blend

5. About the Blending Calculator

6. Where to use it?

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1. Why this blend

When you want to create an olfactive atmosphere with essential oils, the first question should be: what do I want to say?


Après-You proposes an exciting new blend for a holiday season.

The blend focuses on joy, energy, and reflection, excellent symbols during the segue to the new year.


This balanced blend encapsulates three key elements crucial to this time of year:

  • The joy of arriving at the end of the year
  • Reflection on the past months
  • The energy we need with short days  and the lack of solar energy (at least in the northern hemisphere)

Though traditional holiday scents generally revolve around Cinnamon, Ginger, and Clove.

Après-You wanted to go off-piste to deliver an original blend.


2. The three oils used in the blend

With this seasonal aroma mixture, Après-You has blended

Picture of the three essential oils of the Winter Blend 2022

3. Why these oils?

Why have a “Blue Christmas” if you don’t have to?


Cardamom is spicy and sweet. It brings both joy and happiness to the season. It also has a specific chemical composition that helps you to fight against seasonal colds and flu: 1.8 cineol. You can learn more about this fantastic oil here.

Cardamom buds picture from Pixabay
Picture from Pixabay


Frankincense is a grounding oil. It brings peace and helps with meditation.

It is a fantastic oil to use when you need to think about these past months and try to get a vision of the ones coming next.

Frankincense also helps to boost the immune system 1).

With its great proportion of alpha-pinene (which gives the pine note to this oil), it is a perfect transition to the next aromatic oil.  

Frankincense resin picture from Pixabay
Picture Pixabay


Black spruce normally comes from Canada, where it is recognized as a powerful energizing oil. It is mainly used in massage (diluted in vegetable oil), but can also be diffused.

It brings the same kind of freshness you experience when walking through a snowy Scandinavian pine forest–without any of the artificial notes you find in cheap synthetic pine imitations.

This deep and resonating pine freshness is due to the fact that between 25 to 55% of the oil is made up of two chemical compounds: alpha-pinene and acetate of bornyl. 

Black spruce picture from Wikipedia
Picea mariana cones Ontario Picture from Wikipedia

4. The composition of the blend

Après-You has used a wonderful tool to balance blends quickly and easily: the Blending Calculator.

Here are the numbers of drops per oil you can use:

Proportion of the oils of the blend given from the Blending Calculator

If you want to produce 10 ml of spray, you can start with:


For a spray, it is recommended that you use pure alcohol instead of water. If it is difficult for you to obtain pure alcohol, you can use vodka instead. You can read more about that here.

You can also keep the same proportions without diffusing them in alcohol to create a blend of essential oils for use in an aroma diffuser.

5. About the Blending Calculator

You can get access to this calculator by joining Après-You’s Very Essential People here. It is free and will provide you to access to this calculator, among other great tools.


A simpler version of the Blending Calculator is accessible for free in a blog article here.


Let me know what you think about it! I would be pleased to read your comments.


While you are free to use this blend, please link back to this article if you reference it or use it online. It is a question of respect. Thank you!


6. Where to use it?

The spray can be use everywhere in you house.

The only limit is to not over diffuse. If it is the case, you just have to open the window to refresh the room.


The combinaison of Cardamom, black spruce and Frankincense bings joy, energy, and reflectio. Plus, the nice scent copes perfectly with the Christmas season.


If you look for more ideas of perfume you home you also can visit this site here.


Be safe, be essential!


1. Much More Than a Pleasant Scent: A Review on Essential Oils Supporting the Immune System

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