Cypress oil, put your feet up!

This tall tree gives an amazing oil that can be used to ease swollen feet and ankles.

Cypress oil (Cupressus sempervirens) is perfect in footbath with Epsom salt after a long day outside.


From France, this oil has a very delicate fresh, green, and herbaceous aroma.

Organic essential oil of Cypress


To protect oils from degradation by light, they are packaged in brown bottles.

ü This ensures a longer shelf life for your oil.

For ease of use, the bottle is equipped with a dropper.

ü This means that you can be very precise when making a blend.

Bottle of 5ml

üFor point of reference, a 5 ml bottle contains approximately 150 drops. 

On the cap of the bottle, you can find a coloured sticker marked with the name of the oil in the bottle.

üThis is particularly useful when you use several oils at the same time, as it helps to prevent mixing bottles and caps. Furthermore, you can also find the desired oil when you are rummaing through a drawer or cabinet without having to lift them to look at the front label.


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Essential oil of Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

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Customers' reviews

Reviews about essential oil of Cypress from Compagnie des Sens



Notes from Compagnie des Sens website (15/06/2020)

Fact sheet essential oil Cypress

Distilled part


Origin (according to batch)


How to use it

Topical 20% dilution max.,

inhalation, diffusion

For whom

Adults  only

Scent / Note

Herbaceous, Pine / Middle

Main components (% according to batch)

40-65% alpha-pinene,

12-25% delta-3-carene

Main allergic component


Not recommended for

Asthmatic, epileptic with a history of

hormone-dependent cancers

Possible reaction

Dermocaustic, hormone-like,

irritating to the skin

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