Herbaceous and pine essential oils

Open these oils and you will smell the grass recently cut or the forest of pines.


The Tea Tree oil is not coming from Australia but from Madagascar. It has an amazing effect on cold-sores without the unnatural smell that you can have with low-quality oils.

Tea tree is one of the oils that everybody should have!


Cypress essential oil will bring you to the South of France. If you close your eyes, you will hear the cicadas, maybe...


Black spruce is coming from Canada and its wild forest. It is a great oil to use to get a boost.

Tea tree

Organic essential oil of Tea tree

Hard on pimples.


Herbaceous, green, leathery


Organic essential oil Cypress

Eases swollen feet.


Fresh, green, herbaceous

Petitgrain Bigarade

Organic essential oil Petitgrain

Balances nerves.


Woody, herbaceous, citrus floral

Black spruce / Gran

Organic essential oil Black spruce

 Need a boost?

General tonic

Sweet pine-like, balsamic


Organic essential oil Saro

Cold and flu fighter.

Antiviral, antibacterial

Pine, resin

Rosemary CT Cineole

Essential oil Raosemary Ct Cineol

Stay focus.

Expectorant, Mucolytic



Stay calm.

Help you to stay calm


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