Wood and Earthy essential oils

Mediation is a big trend nowadays. Why not amplify the benefits of this practice with aromatic oils?


Patchouli, Frankincense, or Vetiver are fantastic to use while you stay focus on your breath or doing a body scan.


Also, Cedarwood which comes from Marocco has bewitching effects.


Organic essential oil Patchouli

 Stay grounded.


Rich, woody, musky, earthy


Organic essential oil Frankincense

A peaceful moment.


Warm, spicy, clean, balsamic, citrus

Cedarwood / Cedertræ

Organic essential oil Cedarwood

For a massage.


Wood, warm, balsamic, dry

Chamomille / Kamille

Organic essential oil of Chamomille


dreams ahead.

Calming, antispamodic

Sweet, fruit, warm

Vetiver / Græsrod

Organic essential oil Vetiver

Keep calm.

Calming, bug repellant

Earth, root. rich 

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