Citrus essential oils

Do you love the smell of lemon? You will love these oils.

All of them have this amazing odor of citrus and are mainly used in diffusion.


If you want to use essence of Lemon or Bergamotte on your skin, you have to do a dilution in vegetable oil (read here to know more about the dilution calculator). You have also to avoid the straight exposition to the sun of your skin for several hours. These essences have photosensitivity propertisies.


Citronella will be a great oil in summer to use as a mosquito-repellant in diffusion


Lemon / Citron

Organic essential oil Lemon

Clean and fresh.

 Antibacterial, fights nausea

 Clean, fresh, citrus, bright

Lemongrass / Citrongræs

Organic essential oil Lemongrass

 Feel better.

Deodorizing an repellant

Lemony, sharp, herbaceous


Organic essential oil Bergamot

Relax, relax .

Calming, antibacterial

Sweet, lemony

Lemon Eucalyptus

Organic essential oil Lemon eucalyptus

Help joints feel better.

Fights ticks, mites and insects

Lemony, buttery  


Organic essential oil Neroli

The oil we need nowadays.


Fresh, citrus

Citronella (Java)

Organic essential oil Citronella Java

Mosquito repellant.

Anti inflammatory

Lemony, fresh & pungent 

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