Fresh essential oils

Looking for one fresh essential oil?


Go for the Ravintsara. It is fresh, slightly minty, with nice notes of eucalyptus. It is the queen of the winter season like True Lavender is the queen of the summer.


The mandarine and the sweet orange have this nice delicate fresh note. The first one can help you to fall asleep. The second oil, blended with True Lavender, is great to diffuse to bring relaxation.

Eucalyptus/Eukalyptus (Radiata)

Organic essential oil Eucalyptus radiata

 Fresh and minty.

Antiviral, antibacterial 

Fresh, clean, sharp, light


Organic essential oil Ravintsara

Colds & flus cannot resist.

Supports immune system

Eucalyptus, green, camphor

Grapefruit / Grapefrugt

Organic essential oil Grapefruit

A taste of paradis.

 Antiseptic, Sanitizer

 Fresh, tangy, clean

Green tangerine / Madarin

Organic essential oil tangerine

Friend of sweet dreams.

Calming, sedative

Tangy, fresh, sweet

Sweet orange / Appelsin

Organic essential oil Sweet orange

Well-being & relaxation.


Orange, sweet

Thyme CT Linalol / Timian

Essential oil Thyme CT Linalol

A touch of South of France.


Fresh, aromatic

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