Evolution of the website

January 2023

  • New organisation of the aroma diffuser page
  • New Aroma Diffusers Selector
  • Clean up of the website in general
  • Creation of the page for Goyogi

December 2022

  • New aroma diffuse in the range, Minilia
  • Update of the Essential kits with blending proportion based on the results of Blending Calculator VEP version.
  • New product, Ultrasonic diffuser cleaner
  • Update of the ultrasonic diffusers pages with the cleaner
  • New essential oil, Neroli oil
  • Winter Blend 2022 article

November 2022

October 2022

  • Workshop "Get your Glow Back"

September 2022

Did you see last summer! I did not:/

  • Article published Wintergreen oil in English.
  • Infographics about 
  • Update of the stock of oils
  • Loppemarked Charlottenlund
  • Communication at the local supermarket
  • Workshop "skine beauty"

June 2022

  • New article about Essential oil of Wintergreen in French
  • Special offer for the reader of this article.
  • Updates of the product pages of Ylang-ylang and Orange with new products, Ylang-ylang Extra and Blood Orange oils.
  • Radio Escapade broadcast about aphids.
  • Blog article in French and English about Aphids.

May 2022

Joggling with my new job!

  • Updates of the site (corrections of missing links, titles and design)
  • Radio broadcast to speak about Wintergreen at Radio Escapade.
  • One street market in May, difficult to do more:/
Picture of Wintergreen from Wikipedia
Wintergreen from Wikipedia

April 2022

  • No street markets in April.
  • Several updates of the website.
  • New FAQ page.
  • Works on the article about Wintergreen oil

March 2022

Joggling with my job

  • Updates of the site (corrections of missing linksand design)
  • Blog article about Patchouli oil in French and in English
  • Update of Aroma diffuseer selector.
  • No street market in March new job=no time

February 2022

  • Blog post about Vetiver oil in French
  • No street markets in February.
  • New blog organisation
  • Meetup
  • Radio Escapade

January 2022

Bye bye 2021, welcome 2022!

  • Talk about Vetiver oil at the French web radio Escapade on the 31th of January.
  • No street markets in January.
  • Pre launch offer of a new ultrasonic aroma diffuser, Lisalia, for the VEP.
  • New set up of the website
  • New aroma diffuser Lisalia (ultrasonic)
  • Updates of the diffusers pages
  • New Infographic about Vetiver oil in the VEP section

December 2021

Start Essential-Kit

Last month of the year!

  • Talk about Cardamom oil at the French web radio Escapade.
  • Improvement of the home page.
  • New kit Start Essential-Kit
  • Infographics are accessible for the VEP.

November 2021

Welcome November!

  • Talk about Ylang-ylang at the French web radio Escapade.
  • New article in the blog section about ultrasonic diffusers
  • Special offer for the VEP. (more than 10% discount on a sellection of aroma diffusers)
  • Update of the section "Après-You".
  • New ultrasonic diffuser for your living room.
  • Infographics accessible for the VEP.

October 2021

How ultrasonic diffuser work and how to use it?

Hello October, welcome autumn!

  • New page about ultrasonic diffuser (cold mist device) here.
  • One of the beauties of essential oils is that they can blend. Check the section "...goes well" under each aromatic oil sheet for more inspiration.
  • One page per kit
    • Night Essential-Kit (for a better night)
    • Refresh Essential-Kit (to refresh where ever you are)
  • New article in the blog section about ultrasonic diffusers
  • New aroma diffuser Musilia with Bluetooth connection to listen to music and enjoying the beauty of the essential oils